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What a great adventure!!

You are going to prepare a programme to spend 1 day in Selwo Aventura Park (or similar). Work in a group of 4 students.


§ Read the information you have about the park and write a brief paragraph with the activities you have chosen. Here are some useful links:
Selwo Aventura (Málaga)
Selwo Marina (Málaga)
Oasys (Almería)
Valwo (Castilla y León)
Chessington World of Adventures (UK)
Flamingo Land (UK)

§ Show your partners the information you have got and decide the order and time of the activities.
§ Elaborate the set of rules of the park.
§ Choose some pictures for your programme.
§ Elaborate the activities programme

§ Presentation to the rest of the class
§ Evaluation: each group ask a question to the rest of groups and take notes on the evaluation cards. Then each group punctuate the routes, the workshops, the adventure activities and the order of all activities with 1, 2 or 3 points. The group with the higher score will be the winner, so their programme will be hanged on the classroom notice board.

What a great adventure!!: Our Projects


What other city is so photographed, filmed and sung about?
Did you know that everybody went to Paris till Dickens popularized London?

Things have changed a lot in Paris since the prisoner from 105 North Tower of the Bastille Prison got free and since he and his daughter, Lucie Manette, had to go back to this city, where that terrible machine of death, the Guillotine, waited hungrily for the enemies of France.
At this time, people travelled in coaches. Coaches were pulled by horses. The roads were very bad. There were no trains or cars. Journeys were long and difficult. Men on horses took messages and letters. There were no post offices or telephones, no computers or internet, no emails or phone calls.
Let’s explore Paris, the city where Quasimodo and Esmeralda lived and where Charles Darnay fell victim to the wrath of the French revolution.
TASK: You are going to spend 24 hours in Paris. Where will you go? What will you do? Plan out your 24 hours, including the places mentioned in the novels Tale of Two Cities and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

1. Find useful information before planning your visit (Use the list of questions below)
2. Decide how to spend your time
3. Send a postcard to a friend, starting " Paris rules! It is the most interesting place I have ever visited."


Before starting planning, you will work individually to find out some useful information about this city
a) What is the name of the famous prison where Mr Manette spent 18 years?
b) What monuments or tourist attractions can you find where this prison stood?
c) What is the name of the most famous cathedral in Paris?
d) What’s the name of the Island where this famous cathedral is located?
e) How many steps do you have to climb if you want to get to the top?
f) What are the opening times? How much does it cost to visit the cathedral? And the towers?
g) Name four major attractions in Paris http://www.timeout.com/paris/
h) How many restaurants are there in the Eiffel Tower? What is the most expensive?
i) If you want to visit Victor Hugo’s grave, where will you have to go? What other important people are buried there?
j) What can you do in the evening? http://www.viator.com/Paris/d479-ttd
What is the Batobus? and what can you see? http://www.batobus.com/english/index.htm
a) What are the most famous shopping departments in Paris? http://www.discoverfrance.net/France/Paris/Paris_shopping.shtml
b) How many airports are there in Paris? What are their names?
c) How can you get from Paris to London? How long does it take now?

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sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

New York, New York!!

New York is an amazing city, or at least this is what 3 ESO B students think after reading Little Red Riding Hood in Manhattan (by Carmen Martin Gaite) and preparing a presentation about their virtual visit.


In pairs, you have to prepare a presentation about a four-day stay in New York. Here's the information you must include:

  • Arrival and Departure date

  • Airport

  • Company

  • Hotel

  • List of expenses there (maximum 2,500€)

  • Things done and places visited on day 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Shopping (souvenirs for your family and friends)

You can't forget to write a postcard to your teacher.

Deadline: 6 th October

Aida and Alba's trip

Alicia and Angela's trip

Carlos and Pilar in New York

Mario and Antonio in New York

Fran and Jose Luis in New York

Alberto and Vallejo in New York

Irene and Ana in New York

Maria and Maria in New York

Paco and Juan Pablo in New York

Cinthia and Celia in New York

Noe and Silvia in New York

Bea and Almudena in New York